Monday, 10 October 2011

Fix My Mobile Fixed My Phone

I have had a mobile phone since the early 1990's. It was a Nokia model that was huge compared to today's phones but it worked well. Since then I have owned many phones and had very little trouble with them, and It wasn't until I upgraded my Palm to a Samsung Galaxy S that I damaged a phone to the point that it no longer worked.

The Galaxy S was only a few weeks old and I hadn't yet purchased a cover for it. So of course I tried to open the front gate in the dark with my hands full and I dropped the phone face down onto the slate pavers and smashed the screen. There was still a pretty rainbow colour in one corner and it still rang, but it was impossible to answer it as the touch screen didn't work. This phone is really important to my business as all my email, appointments etc are there for me to access when I am out of the office. Luckily I use Google Apps for Business for my emails and calendars so I could still get to my information from anywhere. I missed being able to use LogMeIn Ignition to manage client PC's and Servers from anywhere, but I managed.

I took my phone back to the local Telstra shop and they told me it would be away for weeks and weeks and probably cost at least $500.00 to fix it. I decided to use a local repair shop to fix it and they did a good job. The phone was only gone for a 5 days and the cost was less than Telstra. Unfortunately they screen was replaced with a non original Samsung screen and soon after I had issues with the screen displaying everything with a green tinge at times. The Green screen slowly worsened and eventually the whole screen failed.

This time I Googled for a solution, and came across Fix My Mobile. I was able to get a quote and book my phone in online. I carefully packaged the phone and sent it to Brisbane with fingers crossed. The Communication from the team at Fix My Mobile was outstanding, I knew when the phone had arrived, how much it was going to cost and when it was sent back. It was easy to pay for the repairs and I eagerly awaited the return of my phone.

Sadly this is where the first problem arose. For some reason known only to me, I had put an old PO box as my return address when I filled in the form (I blame form autofill for this! which is better than taking full responsibility myself!). Luckily Fix My Mobile had supplied me with an Australia Post Track and Trace number which showed the parcel as being returned after 1 day at the post office!!!!! I sent an email to Fix My Mobile explaining the situation, and they couldn't be more understanding and helpful. They chased the parcel up with Australia Post and called me with updates. As soon as the phone returned to them they called to re-confirm the correct address and sent it back.

I know have a fully functioning phone. I would like to thank Fix My Mobile for there outstanding service. While I hope to never have to use your services again ! I cannot recommend you highly enough and I will make sure all my clients know about you.

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