Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Custom Xero Invoice Template

Just completed a customised Xero Invoice Template. It's easy to download the default template and adjust it. Naturally getting everything exactly as you want takes more fiddling around than it should, but that is more about me being fussy than the Xero templating system. Using Word 2007 to create a template isn't as hard as you might think, its just important to get the correct fields included.

Here is a zip file of the templates.


  1. Is the link still available?

  2. It's just the link URL that is wrong.

    If you copy the link address then paste it in your address bar - change the 'xerp' to 'xero' and it's all good.

    Changing our Xero Invoice template is such a frustrating task! Nice work with yours Scott.

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  4. I realise this is an old post but the link still goes to a 404 page?